Czech Television has suppressed a hard-hitting TV documentary about Andrej Babiš

In cooperation with Jakub Patočka and other journalists from
Deník Referendum, the documentarists Vít Janeček and Zuzana Puissi have
made Selský rozum (Peasant Common Sense), a hard-hitting TV
documentary about the Czech oligarch Andrej Babiš, who is poised to win
the general election in the Czech Republic in October 2017. Czech
Television now refuses to broadcast the film and tries to prevent any of
its public screenings. The film which has been in the making
for the past three years, meticulously records the environmental
destruction of the Czech agriculture and the Czech countryside by what
it sees as absolutely brutal business practices which are used by
Agrofert, Andrej Babiš’s giant agricultural and food processing business
concern. Celý článek zde

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